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Most Accurate Scale

My Choice and Review for the Most Accurate Scale

You may be thinking that all scales are just the same, but if you are looking for the most accurate scale, I can say that Precision Digital EatSmart Bathroom Scale is the best option for you. My claim is based on long time of careful search and observation. You may be thinking, “Why bother doing a deep and thorough research when you just want to buy a scale?”. Well, unless you don’t really mind with inaccuracy in your weight reading, you can buy any scale from any brand that you want. I have narrowed my search to the top 3 products and I have my own reason why I finally chose the particular EatSmart brand.

The Journey in Finding the Most Accurate Scale

the most accurate scale 2013I’m just a regular mom that needs to check my weight in order to know whether I stay in shape or not. I need accurate scale because it helps me stay on track – including observe my progress during exercise. Before I finally chose the scale from EatSmart, I have made several comparisons of the products considered as the best items.

1. Accuracy BalanceFrom Digital Scale

First of all, I was quite attracted to the Accuracy BalanceFrom Digital Scale. Just like the EatSmart, this scale is the automatic kind that will turn on immediately once you are stepping on it. The absence of turning on buttons or dials allows you to have efficient and effective operation – there is no need to find such buttons. The scale will immediately inform you will all information you need, from your weight, water weight, bone weight, and so many more.

It comes with LCD screen with 4.3 inches size, so it is quite big and wide. With blue backlight system, you are guaranteed to be able to read the result within any condition or from any distance. However, I didn’t choose this one because I don’t really like the big display screen. It is just me – not the company’s faulty. It’s a matter of preference, with the screen. Moreover, it is rather thick and bulky, which I don’t like either. Watch the video below to know more about this weight scale.

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2. 7506 Taylow Chrome and Glass Digital Scale

My second option fell to 7506 Taylow Chrome and Glass Digital Scale. It has very nice design and style, and it has the similar price range as the previous product. With less than $30, you can get a pretty and stylish scale. It comes with similar auto reading, which provides accurate result even up to 180 kg. The design is nice and it is made of tempered glass which is tough and also sturdy. The color and the design is suitable for any kind of bathroom theme or décor. The platform is quite wide and big, with total dimension around 13 x 11.7 inches. Watch the video below to see it in action.

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However, the LCD screen is quite little, only about 1.5 inches. I don’t like extra big display, but I don’t like the small one either. For me, the display is too petite, and my old eyes may have difficult times from reading the result from such small display.

Watch the video of my most accurate scale - Precision Digital EatSmart Bathroom Scale

My Verdict

That’s why I choose EatSmart product. The screen comes with 3.5 inches size, which is ideal for me. With blue backlit system, getting a read is fairly easy. It is also made of tempered glass, but the design is not as bulky as the BalanceFrom, so I chose this one – although the technology is just the same as the BalanceFrom. It also comes with automatic power off and calibration, so I don’t have to deal with complicated set up anymore. Hopefully my review will help you finding your most accurate scale, good luck !

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